Spring Show

Brock, Jake, Kenny, and I are having another group show this spring.  We are excited to be showing at a new venue in Northeast.  This exhibition will feature all new work from 2016/17.  Come by for the opening night to talk to the artists and enjoy refreshments.  The show will be hanging throughout the month of April so you can also stop in and check out the work at your convenience.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Little Show

I have some work hanging at Chindean Cafe.  We had a little opening this past weekend.  It was rather last-minute so I did not do a great job of getting the word out.

Note: The guys and I are working on putting together another new works show for this spring.  More will be announced as we get things figured out.image

A project in the final stages

After that last wing painting, which I was happy with overall, I wanted to work with the subject matter a little more in order to improve upon some of the elements that I wasn’t completely satisfied with.  As is typically my struggle, drawing and values were where I was really focussed for improvement.  I expect to finish up today or tomorrow._DSC0009.JPG

St. Paul Art Crawl

I currently have work in The Dow Art Gallery in St. Paul.  The Dow is a part of the St. Paul Art Crawl each spring and fall.  I will be present at the gallery throughout the art crawl this fall, which takes place Oct. 14 – 16. For more information about the The Dow Art Gallery go to http://www.dowartgallery.com.  For more information no the St. Paul Art Crawl go to http://www.stpaulartcrawl.org.14463217_617895865056504_3766933359816618021_n.jpg

Homer Workshops and Classes

I taught a few classes and workshops up in Homer throughout the summer.  These are images from those events:


A new painting: preliminary drawing, set-up, and finished painting.Wing Study_DSC0020Wing

Thanks Jason

This past Sunday my friend Jason Hed hosted a party where I showed some of my work.  We decorated his place the night before. He put together a great spread of food. Good folks showed up and spent the afternoon hanging out.  It was pretty laid back and pleasant.

First Attempt at Woodcut Printing

I’ve started trying my hand at woodcut printing. This was inspired by a group of artist in the town I lived in down in Nicaragua. It requires thinking a lot more about positive and negative spaces than I am accustomed to. I intend work with multiple blocks for every image. Below are pictures of the work in progress. The second image is of the first block. The third image is of the first layer of the print. The fourth images is of the second block in progress. There will be three blocks total. I intend for the second layer to be a warm middle tone color. The final layer will be a cool middle tone color. The white of the paper will be used for the lightest areas, in particular the highlights.

Chindean Show was a Success!

Many people made it out to the show last night.  Thank you to everyone who came. It was great to see everyone there and to have your support.  The food was great.  The show looked good.  It was a nice variety of work.  The space really turned out nice as well.  (We were a little nervous about it because they were still remodeling into last week.) We owe a big debt of gratitude to Nina and Thomas (the owners of Chindean Cafe) for providing us with the opportunity to show in such a nice space.

For those of you who did not make it out last night but are interested in seeing the work in person, you can visit the restaurant any time during their business hours over the course of the next month.  It will hang until the first weekend of April.  If you do go, I highly recommend eating there.  The food is tasty!

By the way, the dragon mural in the pictures below is a project that the four of us did in exchange for some of the catering for the show.  We worked on it in the weeks leading up to the show.

Finishing Up the Frames

My basement has been serving as the frame finishing shop for the last couple of weeks.  I’ve fixed up a few frames, refinished some older ones, and put new finish on the ones I recently made up at my uncle’s.  On top of that I’ve had to touch up and varnish the paintings that are going in the show.  It has been busy but things are coming together.  Everything will be ready for Sunday.

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